The iPhone 5C is Dead*


Am I the only one that thinks this is dumb?

"Analysts" are already calling the iPhone 5C a failure. They're citing reports of retailers "slashing prices" on the 5C to $49 or offering other incentives. (Ina Fried writing for All Things D points out some reasons why retailers reduce prices on new phones.)

We're also hearing that Apple has drastically reduced the number of orders for the iPhone 5C. Forgive me for asking what may be obvious, but why does this surprise anyone? Apple went from producing 0 units of the iPhone 5C to having to produce a heck of a lot of units in a short time frame in order to get ready for a product launch. With any new product launch there is large spike demand, then it stabilizes. Launch is over, there is now inventory in channels so it's only natural to taper off on production since Apple just needs to keep up with a steady demand.

I am not a customer for the iPhone 5C, and if you're reading this blog likely you aren't either. But, and I'm sorry to break this to you, we aren't normal. While the iPhone 5C isn't a phone we are likely to buy, I bet it's a phone you'd consider buying your kid, or recommending to your uncle or just about anyone else who isn't a super-geek and stands in lines or wakes up at ungodly hours to pre-order the latest and greatest phone. People like us buy the iPhone 5S, but there an awful lot of the "other" type of people in this world.

The iPhone 5C is a high quality phone at a good price that happens to be very stylish. Don't worry about the iPhone 5C, it's going to be just fine. In fact, I would look for the iPhone 5C to have a killer holiday season.

*For the three of you who will give me grief, the headline is sarcastic. Geeze, people.