The MacSparky Field Guide on Email

My good friend David Sparks is at it again. He's written another of his excellent Field Guides, this one on the topic of Email. I've read it, and I must say it's quite possibly the best one yet. Email is something we all must deal with, yet so many of us struggle. Email is necessary, but it can also be a great time-suck. David dedicates over 300 pages and 1.5 hours video screencasts to helping us better understand email and how we can use it more effectively.

I especially like the entire chapter Dave devotes to "Tactical Email" early in the book discussing best practices for making email more manageable. Later he gets into the nitty-gritty of working with different email clients, tools to manage email more productively and then wraps it up with audio interviews with people from all walks of life including Rob Corddry, Merlin Mann, Aisha Tyler, David Wain and more.

The book is beautiful, featuring a custom craftsman-style design David created himself and is illustrated by Mike Rhode. David and I have talked a lot about the subject of email on Mac Power Users (and will do so again next week) and even I learned several new things from this book.

You can pickup your copy in the iBooks Store for $9.99 which is compatible with iPads and Macs running Mavericks. If you prefer, David also directly sells a PDF version that includes all the video screencasts and audio interviews.

Go get it. Now.