TidBITS: International Verify Your Backups Day

Adam Engst writing for TidBITS Has a proposal I like. Let's make Friday the 13th "Verify Your Backups Day." Adam writes:

Therefore, I humbly submit that Friday the 13th, whenever it rolls around, should be considered International Verify Your Backups Day. (The United Nations is welcome to make this official.) In 2012, Friday the 13th arrives in January, April, and July; in 2013, we’ll be celebrating in September and December. If you’re reading this article on some other day, I’d encourage you to verify your backups right away and then continue with the Friday the 13th schedule.

Making backups is great - but do you really know you can restore your data from them in the event of a failure? I've known several folks who have dutifully made backups only to find they were corrupt or otherwise unretrievable when the time came to rely on them.  So I propose we expand on Adam's suggestion and verify our backups more frequently. How about the 13th of every month, regardless of whether it falls on a Friday? This could include booting from your backup, restoring a random set of files to check their integrity and running scans of the disk for errors.

I'm setting up an OmniFocus task now...