Time Warner Buys 10% Stake in Hulu, Now Don't Screw This Up

As reported by CNET, Time Warner has bought a 10% stake in Hulu and as part of the deal will be bringing some of its content, including live broadcast TV to Hulu. According To CNET:

The streaming service, which is owned by three of the country’s main broadcast networks, plans to launch a paid option next year that broadcasts live TV over the internet. On Wednesday, Time Warner’s Turner bundle of networks became the first to sign on. Turner channels to be available live on Hulu include TNT, TBS, CNN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, TruTV, Boomerang and Turner Classic Movies.
The deal doesn’t include Time Warner crown jewel HBO, and it doesn’t put any on-demand shows from the company on Hulu’s Netflix-like service of TV repeats and originals.

As a “cord cutter” I’m excited about this deal, but nervous that they may “screw it up.” Especially during big news events (like election season) one of the things I miss is having access to cable news, like CNN. CNN allows cable TV subscribers to stream their content live over Apple TV, but there’s currently no (authorized) way for those of us without subscriptions to access live content. I’ve long said I’d love the option to pay somewhere between $2 - $5 month to be able to buy streaming CNN as an a la cate option.

Depending on the final price of this plan with Hulu, it may be an option. I just hope they don’t screw it up by bundling together a bunch of channels and services I don’t care about and over-charging. That’s what ultimately keeps me from subscribing to services like Sling.