TJ Luoma: Keyboard Maestro to get ready for podcast recording

David and I discussed Keyboard Maestro on the latest episode of Mac Power Users. I discussed a macro I was working on to prep for recording the show including automating common tasks like quitting apps, launching specific apps I use for recording and pausing network intensive tasks like Dropbox and CrashPlan for optimal Skype call quality.

I ran into trouble when trying to automate the tasks of pausing Dropbox and CrashPlan. Thankfully TJ Luoma tweeted me shortly after the show aired with the solution. He is an extensive user of Keyboard Maestro and posted his macro for using Keyboard Maestro to get ready for podcast recording to TUAW earlier this year. The post comes complete with instructions for disabling the CrashPlan engine, Time Machine (with a hat tip to Gabe at Macdrifter) and Dropbox. He also walks through a companion macro to resume the activities after recoding is over. Awesome.

If you aren't familiar with TJ's work, you should be. He recently made an appearance on Brett Terpstra's Systematic where he where he discussed some of his automation workflows. The show is a must listen. Also check out TJ's website and his podcast, Impolite Company.