Transporter on Kickstarter


Transporter Device

Transporter  is a cool new project coming from  the same guys who brought your Drobo. In a nutshell, Transporter is a network attached hard drive that will allow you to store and share files creating your own personal "cloud" with a lot of additional features. I describe it as a network attached hard drive that takes some of the best features of popular syncing, backup and sharing services and combines them into a single device you own.

Transporter is  kicking off on Kickstarter. I'm part of the beta test group so I'm not allowed to say much, but this little box (cone? cylinder?) solves a lot of problems. For more information you should check out the Kickstarter page, or a recent interview on MacVoices my friend Chuck Joiner did with  Mark Fuccio and Jim Sherhart.

Full disclosure: Transporter is a 2013 sponsor of Mac Power Users.