Two-Factor Verification for Backblaze

While I was away on vacation several of you sent me notes to let me know that my favorite online backup service, Backblaze, now supports two-factor verification. I'm a big fan of two-factor verification and use it on as many services as I'm able. Two-Factor verification requires that in addition to your standard username and password, you have an additional authentication method (in this case a code sent via text message) to access your account upon login.

This is especially important for an online backup service because if someone were to gain access to your Backblaze account they could restore your backed up files to their own computer and gain access to your data. Two-Factor Verification now adds an extra layer of security beyond your username and password, and requires access to your cell phone as well.

Unfortunately at this time Backblaze is only supporting two-factor verification via SMS, not by any of the various two-factor verification apps. But it's still a great step and I've already added the protection to my account and suggest you do too.

From the Backblaze Blog: 

Backblaze users can now activate and use two-factor verification on their Backblaze Online Backup account. When enabled, two-factor verification, known widely as two-factor authentication, requires that a person present both their account credentials and a verification code from a second device to gain access to their Backblaze account. This feature is available immediately to all Backblaze users and does not require an update to be used. Two-factor verification is off by default. To enable two-factor verification, the Backblaze account owner must log in to their Backblaze account and activate it from the “My Settings” menu.