Update on RSS Feed Move

Last week I moved my site's RSS feed off FeedBurner and used the URI.LV service to help. URI.LV is a hosting service for RSS feeds that provides a "white label service" so that the subscriber remains subscribed to my feed while URI.LV's redirection allows them to provide me with additional analytics and social services. Although URI.LV has a free component to their service, their business is really setup for a pay model ($30 a year) which I appreciate because I want them to be sustainable and stick around. The developer has been very responsive and helpful in my interactions.

The goal in all of this was to have a seamless transition from one service to another without the readers of my site having to change anything. URI.LV has a tutorial on how to migrate off FeedBurner. FeedBurner provides redirection so your RSS readers should update with the new location of the feed automatically. Based on the statistics I can see it looks like that's happening but we're still in the 30-day redirection window so the real test will come next month when FeedBurner stops responding to requests for my feed.

The new RSS feed can be found here. If you want to manually update your clients or if you haven't subscribed to the site via RSS yet. If you've experienced any problems receiving posts in the last week, I'd appreciate you contacting me with the specifics so I can troubleshoot the issue.