Using Evernote (the right way). — Medium

There’s an excellent post by Thomas Honeyman over on Medium titled Using Evernote (the right way). It’s generated quite a bit of buzz and it’s caused me to do a bit of Evernote soul searching.

Thomas writes:

When I first started using Evernote, I used it the way I’ve always used physical notebooks: a note goes in a notebook.

Of course!

So I created a bunch of notebooks. One notebook for a school class. One notebook for my parking tickets. One notebook for reminiscing about coffee. Unfortunately, this is a fine way to miss out on perhaps the most powerful way to use Evernote: the tagging system.

I’ve always struggled with tags. Not just in Evernote but everywhere. I’ve never adopted tagging in any of my workflow. I’ve always been a files/folder type of person. As I’m now approaching nearly 50 notebooks in my Evernote account I’ve found that I’m starting to drown in notebooks and Evernote is becoming a less productive tool for me. 

This post was a real eye opener. I’m going to have to give some serious consideration to ripping apart my Evernote organization system and starting from scratch. That’s never fun, but it may be worth it.