Week In Review: November 15, 2015

I’ve been traveling this week at MILOfest so the Week In Review may be a little shorter than usual. Big news this week was the release of the iPad Pro. Here are links of interest from the week ending November 15, 2015.

  • The iPad Pro was released. I was able to spend some time with the device as a few friends at MILOfest already had the device in hand. While it’s not for me, it’s impressive. Federico Viticci received a review unit and has written my favorite review of the device. You can read it on MacStoreies.net. Federico also discussed the iPad Pro extensively on this week’s Connected Podcast on Relay.fm. For another take, John Gruber also posted his review of the iPad Pro on Daring Fireball.
  • A big part of the iPad Pro is the accessories. Though they are a little slower to ship, some people have gotten their hands on them. Federico also reviewed the Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard and Logitech CREATE Keyboard.
  • In an interview with Rhiannon Williams of The Telegraph, Johnny Ive tells The Story of the Apple Pencil.
  • If you’re wondering what you can do with the large real estate of the iPad Pro’s screen, Jeff Gamet of The Mac Observer explains How To Use Your iPad Pro as a Second Display with Your Mac.
  • You may have noticed some Mac App Store Apps reporting as “damaged” and couldn’t be opened. This was apparently due to an expired MAS security certificate. Rene Ritchie, writing for iMore explains What’s happening with the Mac App Store and ‘damaged’ Apps.
  • The App Store problem this week was not only frustrating but also shed some light on some fundamental problems with the App Store. Developer Michael Tsai (developer of my favorite Spam fighter SpamSieve) writes a bit more in depth on his blog about the problem and how it impacts developers and points out that there’s No One Minding the Store. While I enjoy the convenience of the Mac App Store, I’m starting to seriously question the benefit of purchasing Apps there rather than directly from developers.
  • Writing for Macworld, Dan Moren shares how things are going Six Months With The Apple Watch.
  • Finally today, I’ll leave you with a photo of David Sparks and me at the Magic Kingdom. Given all the chatter on Mac Power Users about Disneyland and Disney World we thought it would be appropriate to take a selfie in front of the castle. Unfortunately the photo came out a bit blurry. (For the record - David took the photo - not me!)
 David Sparks and I in front of the castle at the Magic Kingdom

David Sparks and I in front of the castle at the Magic Kingdom