Week in Review: October 11, 2015

After a busy couple of weeks with the release of new Apple hardware and software things have started to slow down a bit in the Apple world. Nevertheless, here are the links of note from around the web for the week ending October 11, 2015.

  • One of the improvements with iOS 9 is that Apple has increased its use of two-factor authentication across the platform. Apple is rolling out some updates to the two-factor authentication platform this fall and Glen Fleishman writing for Macworld has the details.
  • If you are an AT&T customer, have an iPhone 6 or 6S and are in an area with spotty coverage, you’re in luck because as Dan Moren reports for Six Colors, Wi-Fi calling is now available on AT&T iPhones. Dan’s article has the details on how you can take advantage.
  • Perhaps one of my most used Apps on iOS, Overcast saw a major update. Marco Arment’s Overcast 2 was released this week. The App sports a number of new features including streaming, support for chapter markers, audio improvements, an improved social directory, and general fixes. Marco is trying a bold new revenue model, free with optional donation. According to my statistics, Marco’s Smart Speed feature has saved me more than 85 hours since Overcast launched last year. Given how much I value my time, I quickly paid the suggested $1/month.
  • I’m still very curious about the annual iPhone upgrade programs. Allison Sheridan crunched some numbers to try to answer the question, is it a good deal to get a new iPhone every year? Allison says the best deal is still keeping a phone every two years, but she has a Google spreadsheet comparing several options. The results are interesting.
  • Casey Liss wrote up a nice summary about the Global Entry and TSA Pre Check programs. Earlier this year I was traveling with my family when my mom and dad had the magical TSA Pre Check icon on their tickets but my brother and I didn’t. Needless to say they ditched us in the airport and were living the good life while my brother an I waited. I will absolutely check out this program before my next trip.