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Week In Review: October 30, 2016

Finally. Apple released new MacBook Pros at a special event held at its Cupertino campus earlier this week. I’ve ordered the top of the line 13" Touchbar version in Space Gray with a 3.3Ghz i7 and 16GB of RAM. Should be here in mid-November.

It was also a busier than usual week because Apple released it’s Q4 results. Between the regular news of the week, the financial earnings and the special event I have more links of note than ever this week. In the interests of sharing as many as possible with you, I’ll (mostly) forgo my normal commentary and simply share with you the many links of note for the week ending October 30, 2016:

David and I recorded and released early our weekly episode of MPU focusing on the event. However since we’ve recorded that show more information has become available about the new machines. What follows in today’s weekly review are mainly articles of note related to the new MacBook Pros and follow-up on Apple’s Special Event.

Relating to Apple’s Special Event and the new MacBook Pros:

Apple’s 4th Quarter Results:

Other News of Note:

Finally this week, one of the features I’m most looking forward to in the new MacBooks is the integrated TouchID sensor. Looks like third party developers, including 1Password, are already figuring out how to make their programs work with the integrated TouchID sensor. I foresee a day where I never have to type a password again.