Week in Review: October 4, 2015

OS X 10.11 El Capitan was released this week and Apple announced (again) that this year’s first weekend of iPhone sales and pre-orders were record setting. Here are some links of interest for the week ending October 4, 2015

  • Writing for Macworld, Jason Snell reviews OS X El Capitan, he says it’s solid as a rock. Also from Jason this week, over at Six Colors he talks about What’s new in Photos for Mac 1.1, along with the El Capitan update Apple has some nice improvements for its Photos.app
  • NPR sat down with Apple CEO Tim Cook who argues that ‘Privacy is a Fundamental Human Right’ and discussed Apple’s policies on sharing data and encryption. (Note: full interview is about 6 minutes and player requires flash - ugh!)
  • Horace Dediu writing on his site Asymco authored a piece on What it means to be great in the context of the iPhone 6S. It’s a great read.
  • A new feature in iOS 9 is Wi-Fi assist which uses acellular data to boost browsing speed and performance when an iPhone is connected to a poor quality wireless network. However, some users are complaining that this feature is burning through data. I’ve seen a lot of buzz building about this online, but not many actual examples of it happening to people. Personally, I haven’t noticed any increase in my data use or the data use on any of the devices of my friends and family that I monitor. It may be that there’s more buzz over this issue than actual substance. Something to keep an eye on and be aware of.
  • This week saw several updates to some of my favorite Mac and iOS Apps. TweetBot 4 was finally released. Chris Gonzales writing for the Sweet Setup says it’s a huge update to their favorite Twitter App. Federico Viticci at MacStories also has a review.
  • Fantastical 2.1 was released for Mac. Glenn Fleishman writing for Macworld calls it an even better calendar replacement, I agree.
  • Bartender 2, the App that brings order to a menu bar of chaos was released. David Sparks has a writeup. The release brings full El Capitan compatibility as well as keyboard commands and more.
  • Finally this week, The Truth Is Still Out There. One of my favorite series of all time, the X-Files is coming back to Fox on January 24th. Here’s the preview: