Week in Review: September 20, 2015

This week saw the release of iOS 9, the delay of watchOS 2 and a few more details trickle out about Apple’s latest product announcements. Here’s a list of interesting bits from around the web for the week that ended September 20, 2015.

  • Federico Viticci at MacStories wrote a comprehensive review of iOS 9, created entirely on the iPad. Federicco is the definitive iOS Power Users and I can think of no one better qualified to put a new iOS update through its paces. While you’re on his site, check out Club MacStories, a way to support the work Federicco and his team do as well as gain access to additional content, including an e-Book version of the review.
  • Writing for Macworld, Jason Snell says 3D Touch is a hard problem that Apple got just right. Having spent some hands-on time with the new iPhones Jason says that in his use 3D touch worked well and was extremely intuitive. I’ll admit, I wasn’t that excited about 3D touch, but now it seems like Apple may be on to something here.
  • Writing for iMore, Serenity Caldwell dispels a common misconception about the new Apple TV and tells us no, Apple TV apps aren’t limited to 200 MB - they use on-demand resources and explains how that works.
  • There is some concern about iOS Apps being infected with Malware called “XcodeGhost”. The malware arose from a fake and malicious version of Xcode that was downloaded by some developers, primarily in China and other areas of Asia, from a file sharing service and then used to create Apps that were distributed for sale in the App Store. MacRumors has compiled an FAQ with what you need to know about iOS malware XcodeGhost with more information including links to lists of potentially infected apps.
  • ITWorld reached out to the Plex’s co-founder Scott Olechowski and confirmed that Plex is coming to the new Apple TV as an officially supported app. Plex is a centralized home media playback system that allows users to stream their own content to and from multiple devices. While there have been various hacks to get Plex running on the Apple TV for years, the only officially supported method currently is via AirPlay. There’s no timeline for the project, but the new Apple TV is scheduled to release in late October.
  • While on the topic of Apple TV, 9to5Mac reports that VLC has announced plans to bring an App to the new Apple TV that will let you play all sorts of video formats. While it’s still early stages, the team is planning to support files synced between devices like Dropbox, iCloud Drive, iTunes, Google Drive and others.
  • Earlier this week I wrote about Peace, a content blocker written by Marco Arment and powered by Ghostery. I also mentioned there was quite a bit of controversy around the subject of ad blocking. On one hand, many consumers are fed up with the intrusive and sometimes abusive nature of web ads and trackers. On the other, web ads and trackers are the price consumers pay for access to free content and how many content producers make their living. While there are many content blockers still available for iOS 9, Marco decided to pull Peace from the App Store because it just doesn’t feel good. I understand Marco’s struggle and respect his decision.
  • Finally, Tim Cook was Stephen Colbert’s guest on the Late Show this week. If you missed the interview, it’s available on the web. Here’s the video: