Week in Review: September 27, 2015

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are out this week and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Watch OS2 also released a bit late this week. Here’s a list of notable reads around the web for the week ending September 27, 2015.

  • The big news this week was the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus started shipping which means the reviews are out. Among my favorites, Jason Snell wrote a First Look for Macworld and John Gruber’s at Daring Fireball. My pals David Sparks and Stephen Hackett have also posted their initial thoughts. The reviews all seem to agree that 3D touch is a game-changer for the user experience. I did not upgrade to the iPhone 6S this year as I’m still in a 2-year contract with my 6. Though with carriers doing away with contracts I suspect starting next year I may start becoming a yearly upgrader.
  • Speaking of which, Shawn Blanc put together some Thoughts on Annual iPhone Upgrades. According to Shawn’s piece, when you crunch the numbers, if you’re holding on for an iPhone (like me) for 2 years you’re really not saving that much money over an annual upgrade compared to just buying a new model and selling your old phone each year. I guess I’ll need to pull out my bill and a spreadsheet.
  • If you’re upgrading to a new iPhone and you also have an Apple Watch you’ll want to make sure that you go through the proper sequence to make sure that you preserve your health and activity data. Serenity Caldwell writing for iMore has a post that explains How to pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus.
  • Better late than never, watchOS 2 released this week. Writing for 9to5 Mac, Zach Hall has a walkthrough of all the new features now available on Apple Watch. We’re still waiting for many developers to update their apps but so far I’m really enjoying the OmniFocus update to include a new complication. Serenity Caldwell at iMore has given us her list of the best third-party Apple Watch complications and the the 10 watchOS 2 features she’s still using.
  • On the subject of the Apple Watch, have you ever wished you could use it as sleep tracker? David Smith released a new App Sleep++ that allows you to do just that. It uses the motion tracking capabilities of your Apple Watch to monitor how well you’re sleeping at night. But, the problem is if you wear your watch at night it might not have the battery life to make it through the day. Well - David has a strategy for that too. While it may not work for everyone, David has written a post explaining How to wear your Apple Watch 24/7. I tend to end my day with about 40% or more battery life left, so this technique may work for me.
  • Last week in the Week in Review post I mentioned the Xcode Ghost Malware. Apple has now posted an official xCodeGhost Q&A on their site that includes a list of apps that were compromised and what users and developers need to do now.
  • Most of my readers and listeners know that I’m a heavy user of Evernote, but the App does still have quite a bit of room for growth. This week Evernote published a blog post on The Future of Writing in Evernote and invited customers to join their beta program. Among a few nuggets dropped was that Markdown support is in the works. I can only hope this is one step closer to solving my biggest complaint about Evernote, that it’s very easy to get information in, but no so easy to get information out. Now if only we could do something about Work Chat.
  • Finally, several listeners have sent me the video of this VR tour of the Enterprise-D that is Oculus Rift ready. While it’s not quite a Holodeck, it may be the closet we get in my lifetime.