What I Liked At Macworld|iWorld: Doxie Go + Wi-Fi

Doxie Go + Wi-FiIt was hard to miss the Doxie booth at Macworld|iWorld this year as my attention was drawn in by the person walking around in the 7-foot scanner costume. Now THAT has got to be the topic of conversation at halloween. However, I was also intrigued by their newest offering released at the show, the Doxie Go + Wi-Fi scanner. If you’ve followed me for some time, you know I’m a big proponent of Going Paperless and I’m also not a big fan of wires. Doxie Go + Wi-Fi seems to solve an interesting problem of being a compact scanner that integrates an Eye-Fi wireless SD card to create a wireless connection to your Mac, iPhone or a variety of cloud services including Evernote, Flickr or an FTP account. The Doxie software also includes the ability to OCR documents and combine single images to make multi-page PDFs. These days, I’m keeping more and more documents in Evernote which makes the Doxie Go + Wi-Fi all the more appealing to me.

The scanner itself is fairly basic, it has no document feeder so will only scan a single-sided document at a time from business cards up to 8.5 x 12”. It also scans fairly slowly compared to more traditional document scanners. The Doxie is designed to be a mobile scanner which means it’s dependent on the battery for power. Their website claims you’ll get about 100 scans per charge but after that you’ll have to give the scanner a rest and allow it time to recharge which will take about 2 hours for a full charge.

The Doxie Go + Wi-Fi was dead simple to use. Simply power it on and insert the item to scan. Using the companion software you could configure it to simply scan and store the document on the SD card for later use or if you had an available Wi-Fi connection, you could send the scan to your computer, iOS device or cloud service. This is something you could easily setup with a less than tech-savvy family member. Because the scans are stored on the SD card, you could also use the Doxie Go + Wi-Fi with the camera connection kit for iPhone or iPad meaning you could setup a mobile scanning station without a computer or Wi-Fi connection.

While Doxie Go + Wi-Fi won’t be replacing my ScanSnap S1500M anytime soon, it still has its place. The Doxie is made to be mobile and that’s where this device will find its niche. Based on my brief hands on time at the Macworld|iWorld booth, the Doxie scanner was compact and solidly built and could easily be tossed in a bag or briefcase to take on the go. Doxie Go + Wi-Fi would make an ideal companion on a trip, when it wasn’t convenient to carry or be near a computer or where space was limited.

At $239 for the Doxie Go + Wi-Fi ($199 for the version without the Eye-Fi wireless card) the Doxie Go + Wi-Fi felt a little over priced and makes it a tough choice against the ScanSnap S1100 which lacks the wireless capability. That being said, I was impressed by the Doxie Go + Wi-Fi and could very easily see many places where this scanner could fit into my life.