Mac Power Users Workflows with Merlin Mann

Mac Power Users LogoDavid Sparks and I have been overwhelmed by the positive response to the Mac Power Users Podcast. We have over 20 episodes under our belt and the show concept of taking one topic and focusing on it in depth seems to be a popular one. David and I have been tossing ideas back and fourth for ways to expand the podcast. We've been very thankful for the generous donations from our listeners and the support of our sponsors in allowing us to do more with the show. One of the things we realized is that while we try to cover as many products and applications as possible, we are only two people and are never going to be able to adequately cover the wide variety of tools out there. We're always getting emails from listeners with suggestions for products we've missed and ways to improve our workflows.

The idea occurred to us to find other people out there who are using their Macs in interesting and productive ways and learn from their experiences. We decided to call these shows "Workflows" because instead of focusing on one topic, we'll cover a wide range of subjects to see how our guest tackles these issues. Our primary focus for the show will be as it always has been, but we'll plan on trying to have one of these special Workflows episodes every couple of months.

While thinking about the types of people we may want to have to join us for these episodes, Merlin Mann immediately came to mind. There is no one out there who is more of a Mac productivity geek than Merlin, but could our little show be worth his time? David ran into (aka stalked) Merlin at Macworld this year and pitched him the idea. Merlin was extraordinarily gracious and jumped at the idea.

We planned to speak with Merlin for about 45 minutes or so, but we had so much fun, the episode ended up being nearly an hour and 45 minutes. Between the original interview and the editing, I've listened to this episode three times and each time I keep finding new morsels of geeky goodness. This is probably an episode you'll want to listen to a couple of times, or at least be sitting in front of your computer to make the most out of the information.

No doubt people will have different reactions to the shows and workflows presented. That's why we're doing this, we want to bring in new perspectives and new ways of doing things. Some may be for you, others might not, but hopefully if you'll stay tuned you'll find something you can take way to make you more productive on your Mac. Because this is a new concept for us, we would really appreciate your feedback on how we're doing, what needs to be improved, and where you'd like to see the show go. Also, send us your suggestions for other Mac Power Users we should feature on upcoming shows.

You can find more information at or in iTunes. Thanks for your continued support.