Yes, I ordered a new MacBook Air

So I just couldn't stand it any longer, I ordered a custom configured 13" MacBook Air. It should be here the first week or so in July, ironically just in time for my birthday.


After reading all the reviews and speed tests I expect this machine will be about twice the processing power of my current 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo model. I'm also really looking forward to having a backlit keyboard again which was missing from the 2010 Airs. The main reason for the upgrade is my Core 2 Duo was starting to feel sluggish. Editing and encoding the podcast when trying to multi-task with any other application would cause stutters and delays. Last week I was trying to edit the show and do some work in iPhoto and it was infuriating. 

Lots of people have asked why not upgrade to the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display? The reason is simple, I absolutely love the form factor of the Air. I've had 15" PowerBooks before and I never used them away from my desk as often as I do the Air. The Air is simply a joy to use and while I have no doubt the MacBook Pro with Retina display is a beautiful and powerful machine, I don't think it's the right machine for me.

A couple of weeks ago in the After Dark discussing WWDC I said I thought I was going to hold out one more round hoping for Retina Displays and 802.11ac. Yeah, well…that was predictable. Maybe David and I will do another After Dark discussing this in more detail, they're kinda fun.