Legal Opinions:

I don't ever give legal advice on the Internet or on my Podcast. Please, don't ask.


Any sponsored content will clearly be marked as such. I'll do my best to disclose when I'm talking about a product or service offered by one of my current or former sponsors. I don't mention products on my site just because they are affiliated with one of my sponsors. However, because I only accept sponsorship from companies who who services and products I've come to love and trust, from time to time, I'm going to mention them.

My Work And Use:

You are free to share the work on this site provided you always include a link back to the original content and never reproduce more than 150 words at a time without my written permission.  If you would like to use my work beyond this, just ask.

Product Reviews, Features and Mentions:

I regularly feature and review products and services I like or find interesting on this site, my podcast or on other places where I contribute. Many of the items I feature I discover on my own, others are sent to me by developers or PR companies specifically for review consideration. Before contacting me about reviewing your product or service, you should be aware of how I operate:

  1. I can't talk about your something if I don't know it exists, so don't be afraid to contact me, but don't add me to any mailing lists without my permission. You will be blocked.
  2. I don't guarantee anything. You can send me a product, promotion code, demo unit, whatever. But that doesn't  guarantee I'll review or mention your product, much less in a specific timeframe. Don't be a pest.  If I do mention or review your product, I don't guarantee it will be positive review. I don't offer previews of my reviews and unless I've made a factual error, I don't change reviews. 
  3. If you're sending me a physical product, let's be very clear on the terms in advance; including if you want it returned, timeframes and shipping arrangements. Otherwise, when I'm done with review units I will generally give them away or donate them to local computer groups, schools or other organizations. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Tinker at your own risk.

Reasonable care is taken to ensure the information provided by my website and podcast is up-to-date and accurate at the time of publication. I take no responsibility for any errors or omissions contained herein or any  losses, damages or distress resulting from following any of the advice or information made available. 

Pursuant to 16 CFR Part 255, the Federal Trade Commission’s Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, please note:

(1) Software and hardware manufacturers and distributors routinely send me free versions of their products to review. I sometimes keep and continue to use these products that I did not pay for after posting my review, which might be considered a form of compensation for my review, but I do not believe that I let that influence my review.

(2) When I post links to product pages on Amazon or on the iTunes App Store, sometimes these links my links include a referral code so that when products are purchased after clicking on the link, I sometimes receive a very small percentage of the sale. While the amount that I receive is small, it does help to defray some of the cost of running this site, and gives me a small vested interest in having you purchase products using these links.  I do not believe that I let that influence my review of products.